Vittoria Chloe

Vittoria Chloe


About Me


I am glad that you have found your way here.
Let me introduce myself, I am Vittoria Chloe, a vibrant, attractive & educated escort with a friendly disposition. I am a wonderful choice for a private romantic or very naughty time with you. 
I am a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. I am the perfect combination of classy lady you can bring home to mum and dad but a naughty girl in bed that will never get you bored.
I am a dedicated student with a large sexual appetite, to be a high-class escort keeps my horny desires satisfied.
I adore intimacy, and I take pride in taking care of my clients' emotional needs, as well as pleasing them on all levels. I am genuinely passionate and in touch with my sexuality.
I am a professional independent escort, this means I am not affiliated with any agency and I manage all bookings myself. 
Will be a pleasure for me to encourages uncensored conversation & uninhibited sexual expression sessions, I can be your escape from the daily stresses of life.
After meeting me you'll leave feeling rejuvenated, appreciated, & in control over the week ahead.



Age: 25

Nationality: Italian

Height: 1.56m

Size: 6

Shoes: 35

Bust: 10 D (Natural)

Hair: Naturally long, straight, silky and blonde

Body type: Fit, petite with all the curves in the right place


Vittoria Chloe 


Privacy and Confidenciality

Privacy is very important to me, and I have a very strict privacy policy.

I protect my client's identity the same way that a journalist would protect his sources. I am a professional.

What we do together and what is spoken about it is simply confidential.

Every personal information collected in the screening process will be deleted after our meeting.

If we happen to see each other in public, please act as if we have never met before. I respect your public self so please do the same.

Please note that pictures or videos during our meeting are not permitted under any circumstances.


Vittoria Chloe



After meeting Vittoria the first time I knew it would not be my last, from the moment she greets me hello to the moment she says goodbye it truly feels like time well spent.
This amazing women attracts you with her beauty but what really captures you is her infectious smile, educated banter, kind heart and true zest for life... and it doesn’t hurt that she knows her way around the bedroom.

She will have you walking away relaxed, rejuvenated and feeling like a new man,
Eagerly awaiting our next rendezvous xo
So my girlfriend Ami has long been a little bi-curious and I really wanted to choose the right lady to help us live out our threesome fantasy. After reading a wide range of escort profiles I finally settled on VIttoria Chloe. Vittoria’s profile looked promising. Her pictures on her profile were simply stunning and my girlfriend was very excited by her image. Vittoria also stated on her site that she loved seeing women. So a booking was made and I took my nervous but excited girlfriend to Vittoria’s apartment.

We rang the doorbell and when the door opened seeing Vittoria took my breath away. Before me was a blonde Italian goddess with the most beautiful figure that was almost totally revealed in her very sexy red underwear. Vittoria made us both feel very at home. She is a gifted conversationalist and has the gift of reading people and meeting their needs intuitively. I am sure that Vittoria can fit in well in almost any company.

Shortly afterwards we adjourned to the bedroom and here things got very steamy very quickly. Vittoria first massaged and then kissed Ami and soon Ami was taking deep breaths as Vittoria began to explore and tease her most private parts. Ami in turn overcame her shyness and in her heated state was soon kissing Vittoria’s beautiful breasts quite passionately. Vittoria continued her magic with fingers and mouth and soon gave Ami a simply amazing orgasm. Ami was so turned on and Vittoria still had many more tricks to keep building up her peaks again and again that she was to have several more. I think what made her the most excited of all was seeing Vittoria and I going for it an a variety of wildly pleasurable positions. When we were spent we all hugged together and really enjoyed the feeling of warmth and soft skin and I enjoyed the amazing site of two beautiful women wrapped around each other right next to me.

If you are looking for a threesome or bisexual experience Vittoria is simply amazing and I can highly recommend her. We will certainly be going back but perhaps Vittoria should be banned like other habit forming addictions? Thanks again so much Vittoria from Ami and myself.
First time I’ve seen Vittoria, communication was easy leading up to booking and I had a good feeling. Upon opening the door to see this beauty standing in front of me I knew I was having a good day. After a quick shower Vittoria met me on the bed with some really nice kissing. I then had to taste her wonderful breasts, perfect size and proportion. I then explored the rest of her gorgeous body. After a while I couldn’t resist any longer and asked Vittoria if she had a preferred position. She has many it would seem but after some quick deliberation I suggested doggy. It was the right decision, as I was able to reach her superb breasts in between holding her lovely hips, and the view of her great arse was something to behold. It felt great and is definitely up there with the best sex I’ve ever experienced. We connected from the outset which probably helped too. She is a beautiful girl who I would highly recommend her, and I will be sure to see her again.
Just left the room of beautiful Vittoria Chloe and I’m feeling completely at ease right now. What a wonderful girl, taking the compliment “sweet” to a whole different level, if you know what I mean. Very nice to meet you, bella ragazza!
I made a booking with Vittoria for an early afternoon appointment. She texted me to get my ETA.
I was on time and she greeted me with a smile and some interesting casual talk. Her apartment was discrete and nicely appointed.
Well enough of that and onto the interesting stuff sex!! Well I was keen to go down on her as thats my thing. Vittoria was quietly enjoying the attention I was giving her honey pot! I loved watching her body move and tighten as she approached orgasm. No more secrets about that just to say I wanted to know how tight this fit petite girl was and I was not disappointed. You need to read her escort diary to know this lady has a real interest in sex and having experienced with her some of the best, I can only say I will be back for more.
xxx Rich
I had the pleasure of meeting Vittoria on a recent trip to Sydney. I can describe her as beautiful, attentive and extremely sexy.
She looks hot in her pictures, but she is even better in person. She is training hard for her summer body and is showing!
She is a pocket rocket with a bubbly personality, a really happy person in touch with her sexuality. She loves sex; I like to think because she was with me, but is probably because she has an animal-like side of her personality that I was lucky to be shown.
Normally I wouldn’t review, but this girl is special, she is not only beautiful, charming and funny, she is also very intelligent and talented, with dreams that she converted into plans; was inspiring to meet her.
Thank you, Vittoria was a real pleasure to meet you, and I wish you all the best. C
What can I say, this lady is gorgeous and probably has the best set of cans I’ve come across. They are in perfect proportion to her body and feel great in your hands. She is tight all over, and is one of the horniest girls I’ve met. Each time Vittoria tours Canberra I make it my priority to see her, she is fun, friendly and warm. She is also incredibly beautiful. Thanks babe, until next time. Nicholas X
I have to say that his young lady made my day. I had a stressful week at work so on Saturday night I visited her for some relaxation.
She is incredibly beautiful, fit body, soft skin, pretty face, kissable lips, unbelievably sexy. What made my experience so delightful was that apart from the look, she is easy to talk with, fun and gave me the impression that she knows what she’s doing. I would recommend her for beginners; I was quite nervous as I haven’t had many meetings with escorts, but she was able to guide me to a lot of pleasure.
Thank you, Vittoria, for the fantastic time, you are a 10! I hope to see you again soon.
Un Bacio
Vittoria has a wonderful body and amazing natural breasts. Her pictures are plentiful on her profile on SB and on Twitter and they are 100% accurate. She has a beautiful face and a calm and demure attitude.
Vittoria was easy to book with minimal fuss. Upon her opening the door I was greated with a smile and seeing her in person was unreal. A total goddess! She made me feel at ease and we both had a great time. I’d highly recommend booking her as I’m surely going to do in the future.
From our initial chat to the 2 glorious hours I spent with Vittoria she showed class and a level of erotism beyo d my wildest dreams. Vittoria is gorgeous with a stunning body that’s makes you come back for more. I won’t get into the details however all I will say is I’ve seen Vittoria multiple times a day I’m now organising my next visit

Thank you xx
My husband and I have enjoyed playing with other women in the past, and he knows how much I love the experience. So I was very excited when he gave me a session with Vittoria as one of my birthday gifts this year!

Vittoria was lovely to deal with before meeting and seemed warm and friendly. She welcomed my husband and I into her apartment and made us feel comfortable. She has a beautiful petite body, that we both enjoyed exploring. Her attention was focussed mainly on me, and I really enjoyed kissing her and playing with her body, as did my husband. I left feeling very satisfied and it is a birthday present I won’t forget!
I have been single for a while now. I’ve missed that connection between a woman. Vittoria is beautiful, intellectual and has an amazing body.

Sex with Vittoria was great. 1 Round took it out of me... With that little time left together, we were then laying in bed, my arms were around her and her head was on my chest. I learnt more about her life and had a general conversation.

I got that GFE experienced that I missed about being in a relationship. I wished that I could have laid with her in bed all night.

Thank you once again for our time together. It was a pleasure meeting you and I plan on seeing you again in the future.
I had the pleasure of seeing Vittoria Chloe just on the long weekend passed.

Replies from her were regarding availability and services. Some RFIs were requested which I hadn’t encountered before but supplied nonetheless and the 1hr VIPGFE was booked.

On the day, Vittoria took my breath away when the door opened. There stood before me a cute and sexy as hell Italian woman in white sexy lingerie. If her SB profile were an indication, IRL she was even better. Kisses followed the greeting and I was led to the couch. We had a chat, exchanged the gift, and was offered the shower, which I accepted. Coming out, Vittoria was already on the bed, ready for me, ready for me to explorer her body and boy what a sight and adventure it was.

I won’t go into the intimate details. But what I can say is Vittoria certainly knows her way around the bedroom. Her soft touch and oral skills were the best I’ve experienced. She also looks after herself extremely well. Her skin is soft and silky to touch and kiss, and her body is tight and fit. Oh and her Italian accent added to her desirability and sexiness!

An overall 5/5 encounter in which I would definitely return. I will be sure to opt in for the intimate bubble bath together and sexy toy sure!

Thank you Vittoria.
Vittoria is a beautiful and friendly lady. With the little bit of European accent I felt like I’ve entered another world - under a stunning Sydney sunset. She is sensitive, juicy, and satisfactorily heavy at the right area.

This was my first time booking on Scarlet Blue, without a local phone number, and she showed patience and respect when assisting me through the process. She puts high emphasis on security and safety which I appreciate a lot because it also makes me feel more comfortable as a client.

It was such a pleasure chatting with an intelligent person like Vittoria while having fun. She didn’t shy away from discussing about herself and it instantly felt like hooking up with a new classmate at school in such a short period of time. She smiles cutely from time to time during the sweaty process, and cared a lot about what I wanted and how I felt. We showed empathy for each other like a sweet couple.

Like she said in her blog / twitter, communicate respectfully before and during the meeting, and she will craft a perfect experience for you. I felt relaxed, confident, and refreshed after meeting Vittoria.