Are your photos real?

Yes! My professional photos are slightly touched up but I also have my selfie gallery with a variety of un-touched up photos. My pictures and my profile are verified on Scarlet Blue, Private Girls and Escorts and Babes. If you want to see more pictures, selfies and videos you can look at my Twitter. 


Why don't you show your face in the pictures?

I value my privacy and discretion very much.

I am fortunate to possess a very attractive and beautiful face, but I am a student, and I am not ready to give up on my personal life just yet. 

My Onlyfans subscribers have access to picture and videos of my face and also sexy playing (solo). 

The subscription is 30$, and you can cancel it after one month if you are no longer interested in viewing my content.

This way I offer an option to these clients who are interested in seeing my face before making a booking, but I also limit the number of viewers and maintain my level of privacy.

In a lunch/dinner booking, no one will know that you are with an escort.


Do you offer discounts?

Please do not try to negotiate my rates; they are very fair for what I have to offer.


Are you available now?

Sometimes I am available at short notice, but I value manners more than everything. "Are you available now?" messages will be ignored and left unanswered.

If you are looking for a last minute booking and your priority is to know if I am available anytime soon, your first message can be: "Hi, my name is..., I would like to know if you are you available anytime soon?" and I will let you know my availability for that day.

After that, if you are interested, your second message will need to include: Your age and Nationality/Background, If interested in an Incall or Outcall (I only accept outcall to 4-5* Hotels), Your desired time, Your desired duration and If you are interested in a GFE or a VIP GFE.

Manners cost nothing, and they show me a genuine interested on your side. The way you contact me says a lot about your persona. I will be in this industry until the end of my studies; I need to minimize as much as I can unpleasant encounters. 


Do you do any Extras?

All my "extras" are included in my VIP GFE.

Strictly safe sex only, if you will ask for natural sex, I will immediately block you.

BDSM is not my thing. I play equal; I can be in charge or you can be in charge but there is not going to be pain involved. I am here to bring pleasure; I specialize in a genuine Girlfriend Experience.


Do you tour?

I do. Sometimes I do tour, but I am based in Sydney, is where I study and be most of the time.


Where are you located & is there parking?

My incall location in Sydney is a luxury private apartment near Wynyard Station.

My building is very discrete and secure; there is a concierge and 24h security cameras that control the entrance.

I don't share my incall location, in the apartment we are going to have full discretion.

You can park on the street but there also are private parking nearby.

When I am on tour I always pick 5* hotels with packing available.


Do you like reviews?

Absolutely. I never expect them but it is nice to know you are so happy with our time together that you would write a review!

I really appreciate when a client takes the time to do that after a meeting.


Why do I ask age and nationality?

I need to make sure that you are over 18. And your age is a detail that I like to know before meeting you. I generally only attend men in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. I don't feel comfortable with someone who is 18-19 and with someone older than my father (late 60s).

I love how Australia is culturally diverse. Being here is a great experience for me to get in touch with all these different cultures. However, I had some bad experiences with some Indian men, and now I get triggered by Indian accent and physical appearance. It is something I have to work on but I won't work on it with a client because I get paid to provide the best possible experience.

If I reject a meeting with you, please try to understand me and don’t take it personally. It is not about you, it is about someone before you with maybe similar physical features or accent. I prefer not to see you if I can't provide you with the best experience you deserve. 


Do you accept gifts?

 I never expect anything more than your fee, and manners, but if you also want to bring me a gift I am happy to accept it.


What do I eat?

My favorite cuisine is Italian, and my favorite Italian dish is Burrata with tomatoes. I also enjoy meat, chicken or steak.

I don't eat fish and seafood, I know I am missing out, people keep telling me that. I still visit Japanese restaurants because they usually have wagyu beef on the menu.

I often get asked, "What snacks can we enjoy together?" Snacks of choice: cheeses (matured). 


What do I drink?

I love wine, but I only drink white and rosé, no red for me, please.

I also prefer dry wines, I limit my sugar intake, and a sweet wine causes me headaches. A pinot grigio is my preferred choice, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are also good options.

I also love bubbles, Champagne or Prosecco.

For spirits, vodka soda and lime is my drink.



Please note that manipulation of my personal information, aggressive behavior,  threats, harassment or stalkerish behavior is a big no-no, a complete blow of trust and it is also a criminal offense.