Clarify your wishes and desires

When choosing which provider you would like to meet, please take some time to reflect and to do your research.

The eyes

Looks are important when it comes to attraction, particularly for men. There are many of us, a wide range of different physiques. When you fantasize about a meeting, how does the woman in your fantasies looks like?

As you can see in my pictures, I have a petite frame, what Australians refer to as a ‘pocket rocket’. I have often been told that I look like the ‘pretty next door girl’ men wish to talk to but are too shy to do so. I have a good looking face which for privacy reasons I only show on my OnlyFans account.

The services

Would you like a girlfriend experience, or are you interested in something hardcore? Which particular services are you interested in? Take the time to read them through. If a service you are interested in, is not listed, a provider may still offer it for an extra fee; you can send her an email to check.

All my services are listed on my website. I have three different experiences you can choose from, company, GFE and VIP GFE. All my ‘extras’ are included in my VIP GFE. Please note that I specialize in genuine girlfriend experiences, and I do not offer BDSM services.

The personality

For many clients, particularly for those interested in longer bookings, personality is significant. You grasp it through their website, Twitter, Onlyfans, and CuriousCat accounts.

I am an extrovert, and I recharge my batteries by being around people. I am open-minded, caring and an excellent conversationalist. I have a vast range of interests, and I am competent on different topics. For instance, some of my favourite conversation topics include travelling, healthy living, and psychology.


In this industry, providers tend to be empathetic and adapt to you; however, we are not mind-readers. We want you to have the best time, please don’t be shy to express your wishes (politely of course).

Consider our meeting as a safe opportunity to share your thoughts and desires. Confidentiality is important to me. All the information you share with me stays between us. I expect the same from you, which means that if I share details of my personal life, I appreciate your discretion.

I hope this post was useful. If I am the provider you are looking for, please send me a message or email with your details. Hopefully, we will get to meet and spend some memorable time together. XX

Vittoria Chloe

We only have one life to live, so do you want your taboos to take over it and stop you from trying new and exciting things? 

I had many threesomes, in my personal and escorting life; I love them. But still, if you want to have a great experience, you need an engaging woman. A partner that is not going to do this merely to please you, or to give you a birthday present. You need a woman who is up to get naughty, who is horny, who had fantasised about this. Someone that is now ready to let her inhibitions go to immerse herself in a new pleasurable experience. 

Dear client, if you are planning to have a threesome with your partner, please read this. 

How can I convince my partner to have a threesome?

First, you should not convince her; please do not be pushy.

Start by investigating if the idea of a threesome is something that turns her on. Ask her if she ever had one, ask her if she ever had a lesbian experience, ask her if she ever felt turned on by watching it in porn movies. If she is open to the idea, you can watch some videos together, and talk about how you would like your experience to be. 

If you decide to make a move, choose the right person, let her pick someone who would turn her on. Let your partner organise it, or do it together. Tell your chosen escort what you would like to happen and your boundaries.

My advice is that you choose an escort that had enough experience with couples. If you choose me, you need to know that I respect women very much, and even if you are the one paying me, she is the one hiring me and allowing me into your couple intimacy. 

Pros: After something like this, your bond as a couple can be even stronger. You will have an experience to remember and to talk about. You will not feel like a boring couple; you will have done something that only maybe 5% of couples would ever consider and try. You are courageous, adventurous, daring and horny. You embraced the power of exploring your sexuality and the pleasure that comes from it. 

Cons: Please be sure about this. I am a non-risk for your relationship. I would never come between you and your partner. You also have the power to stop at any time and to set the limits that you want. However, for this to be an experience to remember, I want you to be both sure and up for it. 

I have two reviews from threesome experiences; you can read them here and here.

Looking forward to meeting you and be part of your threesome. 

xx Vittoria 

Vittoria Chloe